Club Spotlight: German Club

     One club on the rise over the past year is NSU’s German Club. Previously, the club’s focus was primarily celebrating German film, but after trying out a new event the club has expanded its scope to celebrate more aspects of German culture.
     Last spring saw the very first German Club feast. The idea came from club advisor Dr. Ginny Lewis who knew the importance of cooking in the culture. The idea was for club members to prepare a full, authentic German meal together from scratch. Though it was a small event primarily for club members, the gathering was a fun success that the club decided to make an annual event.
     During fall semester 2015, German Club saw a change in office with previous vice president Brooke Nelson stepping up to replace former president Hannah Nehlich, and with club member Ambrosia Sunshine Conger taking Nelson’s place as vice president. Nelson and Conger decided to try and prompt the Club to continue with the movie nights but also start becoming more involved with the campus and the Aberdeen community.
     The Club had booths at Club Rush, Oktoberfest, and Culturefest, passing out flyers, selling candies, and handing out homemade German sweets.

German Club made and decorated ornaments at their Valentinstag party.  Photo courtesy Brooke Nelson
German Club made and decorated ornaments at their Valentinstag party. Photo courtesy Brooke Nelson

     To finish off the fall semester, the Club held another German feast, but with a few alterations. The event was given the name Dining auf Deutsch, and this time, it was a fundraiser. The Club members began cooking in Jerde Hall’s basement in the afternoon to prepare a full German meal, including: knoephla and sauerkraut, beef and cabbage, wedding kuchen, spice cookies, spezi and more. They charged $3 per person for the whole meal.
     This semester, the Club has regular weekly meetings, during which they plan events, watch movies, or just talk about their interest in German. In February, they held a Valentine’s Day (Valentinstag) social, and they are planning another Dining auf Deutsch event for April.
     If you would like to join this fun group, they meet every Monday at 6pm in the Student Center by the upstairs pool table.

Brooke Nelson
Staff Writer