Northern State Student Association Update

     The election results for president and vice president of the NSU Student Association are in. Jory Kunzman and Katie Graham will be the president and vice president for the 2015—2016 school year. Senator elections will be held April 7 through April 9.
     Recently, the Student Association has been meeting with city officials to improve the safety of the Jerde crosswalk. Many options were discussed, but we have a strong sense the city is taking the issue seriously after receiving comments from NSU students and administrators. Another campus safety issue we have asked the school administration to look into is implementing a Bluebox emergency button system. Many campuses our size have similar emergency systems connected to 911, but research will first need to be done on the cost and the number of Bluebox systems needed for a campus our size.
     Club renewals have been reviewed and club budget requests have been heard by the Student Budget Allocation Committee (SBAC). The Student Center, intramurals, clubs, and parts of athletics and fine arts programs are funded through the General Activity Fee (GAF). Funds are then distributed by the SBAC each spring for the following school year. Every NSU student is charged a $28.70 per credit hour GAF for these programs, currently the second lowest rate among the six South Dakota public universities.
     The current senate has one more meeting on April 7 before the new senate takes office on April 14. On March 31 through April 2, a group of senators will travel to Vermillion to attend the Student Federation and Board of Regents meetings at USD. The Student Federation will also elect a new executive director at this meeting for the coming school year. President Mayo and Vice President Schukking hope to finish this year strong, continuing to work for the students of Northern.

SA Vice President