Northern State Student Association Update

         With the elections behind us, it is time for SA President Aaron Mayo and Vice President Menno Schukking to wrap up their SA activities.
         Recently, new club approvals were confirmed for the South Asian Student Association and the NSU Pre-Med Society.
         The Student Budget Allocation Committee held hearings for budget requests from campus groups for next year. Under the chairmanship of Thomas Hardcastle, the SBAC had to make some tough choices with a limited budget but was able to allocate funds to all groups that presented.
         Budget funds are allocated from the General Activity Fee. NSU’s fee is set at $30.10 per credit hour for next year, the lowest of all South Dakota public universities. Besides funding student organizations, the fee also supports the Student Center, Fine Arts, Athletics, Health Services, and many others.
         The cost of being an affordable school is that money can be tight to fund programming and student initiatives to their full potential.
         From March 31 through April 2, a group of Northern Student Association representatives attended the final SDBOR meeting of the year in Vermillion. At this meeting, the South Dakota Student Federation elected Chance Costello as its new executive director. Costello is a senior at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and will lead in the cooperation among the student governments of the six SDBOR schools for improving the student experience across the state.
         The Dacotah Hall renovations started earlier than expected this month. Funded through the reserves of the General Activity Fee, it will make Dacotah Hall a better facility for intramurals, fitness classes, and open gym. The renovations were approved by a student vote last year and show how SA initiated change can become reality.
         Mayo and Schukking would like to thank you for allowing them to serve the students of NSU this past year. They are confident that the newly elected President and Vice President, Jory Kunzman and Katie Graham, will help the students to the best of their abilities. By having an independent voice, the SA can move the school’s administration to be held accountable and see student input be used for the benefit of all Northern students.

Menno Schukking
SA Vice President