Student Spotlight: Heather Koens

   As a senior at Northern, Heather Koens is majoring in Spanish and minoring in Sociology. At this point in her school career, Koens is unsure what the future will hold once she graduates. She does hope that by knowing a foreign language, such as Spanish, it will help open opportunities in order to find a career she will enjoy.
   Koens became interested in Spanish because “there are a lot of people who speak Spanish that are coming to the Midwest, and many of them don’t speak English very well.”
   She also finds her Spanish classes to be the most rewarding out of all the classes she has taken at Northern. Her Spanish professor, Dr. Juan Gonzalez, encourages her to use the Spanish language in everyday life, which is something she really likes about his class. She feels that by practicing Spanish every day, it will help her understand the language more and better prepare her for later in life.

Photo courtesy of Heather Koens
Photo courtesy of Heather Koens

   Sociology is a new interest for Koens, but she feels certain that she wants to include it in her future plans. She said that “It’s interesting learning about different social structures and learning to spot different things about people that I normally wouldn’t notice. I like knowing what people are going through at each stage of life: Socially, emotionally and physically.”
   Originally from Groton, Koens chose to come to Northern because it was close to her home, it was affordable, and it included all of the classes she was interested in.
   While at Northern, Koens has met a lot of new people, has had some great experiences, and has made some really close friends throughout her journey.
   Koens is currently employed at two local employers: US Bank and Target/Starbucks. Both of these jobs have helped her learn and further her people skills, and they have also shown her how to balance work and school.
   Koens says working full-time can be a challenge, but she is able to finish all of her school work and still finds time for her friends and family.

Karla Haliburton
Staff Writer