Dear Thunder (9/25)

Dear Thunder,

I have a serious addiction to Netflix. It is my one true love. How can I manage studying and the best relationship I have ever had?

Don’t Want to Break Up

Photo: Thunder the Wolf Facebook Profile
Photo: Thunder the Wolf Facebook Profile

Dear Don’t Want to Break Up,

   Well, little love bird, love is hard to break, like Thunder’s love for NSU, GO WOLVES!, but sometimes you have to realize that even though you can’t choose who you love that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.
   Try limiting the hours you watch it, or put on a show you have seen a thousand times that you do not have to pay as close attention to. If that doesn’t work, plan your studying or homework to be done in an area where you cannot access Netflix. You can still love Netflix, just don’t let it hurt your grades and standing as a Wolf!

Thunder the Wolf

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