Senior Citizens Showcase Athletic Ability

John Zilverberg. Photo Courtesy of South Dakota Senior Games webpage.

   On September 3 through the 6, Aberdeen had the opportunity to host the annual South Dakota Senior Games. Individuals, ranging from 50-94 years of age, came from around the country to participate in a variety of events. However, one participant did not fall under any of the age groups.
   John Zilverberg, of Highmore, SD, just turned 102, and since 1985, he has not missed a year of participating in the Senior Games. Zilverberg has attended multiple National Senior Games throughout the years and earned a countless number of medals in various events.
   After multiple years of competing, he has accumulated 39 records in the South Dakota Senior Games.
   Zilverberg came to the Aberdeen area to compete with a number of athletes, all of whom had the chance to compete in events such as the triathlon, javelin, discus, shotput, hammer throw, swimming, bowling, pole vault, softball throw, and high jump. Participants also had several running events to choose from including the 50- to 400-meter dash, the 4×100 relay, and the and 5000-meter race/walk.
   The event was a success with several great participants in competition. The Aberdeen community would like to thank all of the athletes for their participation and contribution to the 2015 Senior Games. And another thank you to the volunteers who made this event possible.
   For more information about the South Dakota Senior Games, please visit their website at

Stacey McDonald
Staff Writer