Dear Thunder (10/7)

Dear Thunder,

It’s only a month into school, and I’ve already had two different roommates. My first roommate and I got along, but she had to go home for family reasons. Now I have a new roommate, but we don’t get along AT ALL. I don’t even want to be in my room anymore, except to sleep. What should I do?

Unhappy Roommate

Photo courtesy of Thunder the Wolf's Facebook Profile
Photo courtesy of Thunder the Wolf’s Facebook Profile

Dear Unhappy Roommate,

   Roommates can be difficult, but I have a couple of suggestions that might work.
Move in with Thunder, because I am a super amazing roommate.
Try to fix the relationship with your current roommate. Since they’re a Wolf, they will stop being so grumpy.
Make them not like you, so then your RA has to deal with it.
Just be awesome. I mean, really, you both go to NSU, and your both Wolves, so you both have to be awesome.
Lock them out of your room. After all, you were there first.
Well I hope one of my ideas helps, and if not…well, I’m Thunder, so I’m sure one WILL help.

You’re Welcome,
Thunder the Wolf

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