Student and Faculty Teams Go Head-to-Head

“The Seniors” Left to Right: Katie Grote, Wyatt Warkenthien, Alexis Doerr, Megan Holm. Photo courtesy of Dr. Erin Fouberg.

     On the evening of September 17, faculty and students alike formed teams and fought for victory in the annual Quiz Bowl, hosted by Northern’s Honors Program. The library’s rotunda took on an enthusiastic energy, and not a chair was left empty as members of the Northern community streamed in to watch.
     Dr. Erin Fouberg, director of the Honors Program, introduced the event and explained the rules, informing the crowd that since people have become so passionate about this, it now involves an actual buzzer system. Ian Coughlin, President of the Honors Club, took over and began presenting questions.
     The event had four student teams and two faculty teams competing for the title. Round one started with a team self-titled as “The Seniors” facing another team of students.
     Throughout the competition there were questions about sports, presidents, cartoons, the NSU campus, car batteries, and even hamsters. However, because the event fell on Constitution Day, many of the questions consisted of trivia about the United States’ Constitution.
     In the fifth round, “The Seniors” – including Katie Grote, Alexis Doerr, Megan Holm, and Wyatt Warkenthien – were back again, but their opponents – a student team including Corey Klatt, Samie Elbert, Megan Brink, and Matt Teel – dominated the first half of the round.
      “The Seniors” made a comeback, however, and they ended up facing a faculty team – including Dave Grettler, Anthony Wachs, Jon Mitchell, and Tim Moffett – in the final round.
     Toward the end of the round, the crowd could be heard placing wagers on which team would leave the library champions. It was difficult to determine, and the score was close.
     In the end, the faculty team scored five points for the round, and with seven points, “The Seniors” took home the title, and the first-place trophies.

Kendall Merchut
Staff Writer