Club Spotlight: NSU Veteran’s Organization

Members of the NSU Veteran’s Organization. Photo courtesy of Matthew Remmich’s Facebook page.

     Northern State University Veteran’s Organization has been around for many years, but it’s only been fairly active in the last four years. Darrel Parsons, President, Matthew Remmich, Vice President, and Laura Kolker, Advisor, work together to decide what activities their organization should do to show the student body what their goals are.
     Last year, the organization put on a chili feed to raise money for donations to veteran fundraisers and to put on other events for the organization.
     Other activities the organization has done include participating in the Northeastern South Dakota (NESD) Celtic Faire and Games to donate money to a National Guard organization, and volunteering with the Marines Toys for Tots during the winter.
     “The organization gives a chance for veterans to interact with other students at Northern State University,” stated Darrel Parsons. “We’re trying to help other non-traditional students, such as Veterans, to try to mesh into the college atmosphere and be able to feel more comfortable at college.” The Veterans Organization wants to help those who are trying to receive their education after their time in the service and help them adapt to campus life.
     Not only do they help veterans, the organization also welcomes people who have family members who are veterans and those who just want to pay their respects to veterans and those still in active service.
   The Veterans Organization isn’t limited to just veterans that attend Northern State University.
     Everyone is encouraged to join the Veterans Organization in order to meet new people and make new friends. They meet in the Veterans Resource Center in the Student Center 206 for a monthly meeting in addition to their scheduled office hours.

Alysha Martinez
Staff Writer