Club Spotlight: NANTA

Photo courtesy of Aberdeen American News

   Drumsticks, a variety of trashcans, and camaraderie between students from around the globe creates the perfect recipe for NANTA, a non-verbal percussive group at NSU. According to Eric Gerber, club co-founder and coach, some of the group’s multiple goals are to “provide stress release, boost one’s confidence as a drummer, and promote cultural pride and education of South Korea.”
   NANTA is based on a popular performance group in South Korea and plays a modern version of a traditional genre of music called SamulNori, which is in turn derived from ancient Asian drumming. Traditional instruments cost quite a hefty sum, so NANTA looked to the American percussion group, “Stomp,” for inspiration. This group utilizes everything a rhythm can be pounded out on, from garbage cans to buckets and even the kitchen sink.
   This semester, Gerber and club president Jeongeon Kim have been hard at work organizing events and helping the group put on stellar performances. Most recently, NANTA performed at Culturefest and on the International Student Club float in the Gypsy Days parade, where they won the president’s award for the third year in a row.
   Since its founding in 2008, the group has performed in a variety of campus events, but their scope isn’t limited to just NSU. Off campus, NANTA has performed for fundraising events for Avera St. Luke’s hospital and Empty Bowls, and also made appearances at the Boys & Girls Club.
   One of the group’s crowning achievements is helping to launch Culturefest. In 2010, the group was invited to perform in the SDSU Festival of Cultures. Upon witnessing its success, a committee was formed to design NSU’s Culturefest, with NANTA as its headlining entertainment.
   This year, NANTA boasts its largest membership to date at 30 members. Each semester brings a lot of fresh faces, as many Korean students return home and new students discover the group. At the end of each semester, a new Korean leader is elected to lead the group and recruit new members.
   Anyone, regardless of major or birthplace, is invited to join. The group meets every Tuesday at 7:00p.m. in Lincoln Hall 224. Students interested in the club may contact Eric Gerber at

Becca Simon
Staff Writer