Dear Thunder (11/19)

Dear Thunder,

I really wish we still had the gym equipment in Dacotah Hall gym, because I really want to start working out but I’m too self-conscious to go to the BC to work out with all of the athletes. What do you think I should do?

Trying to Get Fit

Photo courtesy of Thunder the Wolf's Facebook Profile
Photo courtesy of Thunder the Wolf’s Facebook Profile

Dear Trying to Get Fit,

     The students voted to remove that equipment and now we must all use the Barnett Center Gym. I think it’s great that you’re taking authority over your health and trying to get big muscles like Thunder. I want you to go to the Barnett and identify anyone that makes you feel self-conscious while you’re there and Thunder will take care of them personally. And, if all else fails, I will take you to Taco Bell drive thru at 2am, and we can have a good laugh about how athletes have to lift while we enjoy our Chalupas.

You’re Welcome,
Thunder the Wolf

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