Love Your Melon to Fight Childhood Cancer

Photo courtesy of the Love Your Melon website

   In 2012, two University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, Minnesota) college sophomores became inspired to give a hat to each child fighting cancer in America. As a result, those students, Zach Quinn and Brian Keller, founded Love Your Melon as part of a project for their entrepreneurship class.
   Love Your Melon ( is a national apparel brand and organization that sells and donates hats that are gifted to children battling cancer.
   When someone buys a hat to support the cause, half of the net proceeds go to CureSearch for Children’s Cancer to fund research initiatives, and to the Pinky Swear Foundation to provide immediate support for children battling cancer.
   Knowing that therapeutic treatments and an increase in confidence can make all the difference in treatment success, the organization also provides incredible adventures for the children, including rides in helicopters, planes, boats or limos. These adventures also allow those who promote the Love Your Melon program to get closer to the kids and get to know who they are helping with their work.
   The organization also believes in supporting American citizens and building relationships with American manufacturers. Love Your Melon successfully does these things by only selling products that are made in the USA.
   They also work closely with Minnesota Knitting Mills and Competition Headwear in order to make sure that the hats are incredibly soft to provide comfort to the kids facing cancer and to make sure that the hats are attractive to customers.
   There are Love Your Melon Ambassadors spread across the country, and all are college students who are dedicated to the cause.
   According to the Love Your Melon website, “the hats are donated in person at hospitals nationally by Love Your Melon college ambassadors dressed as superheroes.” These Ambassadors are the Campus Crew.
   “The Love Your Melon Campus Crew Program is an exclusive Crew made up of students that are determined to improve the lives of children battling cancer,” states the Love Your Melon website. “Campus Crew Members are the driving force behind Love Your Melon. In communities across the country, our Crew Members raise awareness for childhood cancer, represent the brand through promotions and sales events and personally engage with our charitable programming initiatives.”
   The Campus Crew members raise awareness for childhood cancer as well as promote the Love Your Melon brand to spread their mission from coast to coast.
   There are now more than 2,500 ambassadors at more than 225 schools in America who sell and donate hats.
   Here at Northern, student Carly Hubert has recently begun a campus chapter of Love Your Melon. For anyone interested in taking part in this program or purchasing a cozy and cool hat to support children battling cancer, contact Carly Hubert at
   If you know a child battling cancer who has not received a hat from Love Your Melon, follow the “Request a Hat” link on the organization’s website to request a delivery.


Kendall Merchut
Staff Writer