Club Spotlight: Science Club

   Northern State University’s Science Club has undergone serious renovations. The long-standing club has recently transitioned from just one club to two: the Pre-Med Club and the Pre-PT (Physical Therapy) Club. Previously, the advisors of the singular club were Janne Jockheck, Lab Manager, and Dr. Jon Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Biology.
   Now that Science Club has become an umbrella term for the two distinct branches, there is only one advisor for each club. The Pre-Med Club is advised by Dr. George Nora, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and the Pre-PT Club is advised by Mitchell. The clubs have their own set of officers as well.
   The advisors have found that breaking into more discipline specific clubs has increased participation from students.

Dr. Mitchell and students dissecting a pig.

   Each club has its own events and activities. Recently the Pre-PT Club had a speaker come in to discuss how to fill out applications, and plans are in the works to have mock interviews with real professionals in Aberdeen.
   Besides professional development focused socials, the groups also do community work, from spending time at local nursing homes to cleaning up highways.
   Though each group holds separate socials and activities, they do team up for larger projects. On December 7 from 10:30am-2:30pm, the clubs will host a blood drive in the Dacotah Hall gym. The clubs, their current advisors, and former Science Club advisor Jockheck, all worked together to hold the campus-wide event.
   While the clubs are considered two different entities, their goals are similar. Mitchell states that the purpose of these organizations are “to gather students of a similar discipline to learn about what you can do with your degree. To navigate, to learn from other students, to learn about different occupations, and ultimately, to get together for some fellowship, fun and talk.”
   Anyone can be a member of either club. Mitchell states, “If you’re thinking about therapy or pre-med, come on over! The clubs are a great way to explore your interests and learn from upperclassmen.”

Brooke Nelson
Assistant Editor



Photo credit: Brooke Heppner, Staff Photographer