Club Spotlight: English Club

   What do literature lovers, language enthusiasts, writers, and film aficionados have in common? They can all come together and share their interests in the NSU English Club, according to Secretary Holly Holborn.
   The English Club’s main goal is to “bring together students who have a common interest in the English language to create a community while making a positive impact within Northern,” Holborn said.
   To do this, the club hosts a variety of events to get both students and faculty involved in sharing what they love. Many students are probably familiar with Sweets and Stories, an annual event that takes place each fall in which faculty are invited to read some of their favorite works of literature as audience members enjoy homemade sweets sold at the bake sale. Similarly, they host Student Extravaganza in the spring, in which students are given the opportunity to read their favorite works. These two events are the club’s biggest fundraisers each year.

L-R: Sarah Meland, Greg Fred, and Dr. Patrick Whiteley at a cookout hosted by English Club. Photo courtesy NSU English Club.

   This year, the English Club has plans to branch out even more with a variety of events including finals week movie night. Around Valentine’s Day, the club will write short poems and love notes with candy to be sent out for a small fee. In addition, they plan to create a book club that will meet regularly.
   The club has a little something for everyone, and according to members the best thing about being involved is the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals. “I enjoy the environment, and being able to share in the joys of English Literature and Language with the campus through some awesome events,” Rachel Lynch, Club President, stated.
   All students passionate about the English language are encouraged to join. Those interested should contact either Rachel Lynch, Holly Holborn, or Club Advisor Dr. Peter Ramey.
   The English Club hopes to attract a diverse membership. Holborn explains, “In the English Club, we have many different interests and are pursuing diverse academic paths from teaching, writing, and literature, to linguistics and film.”

Becca Simon
Staff Writer