Club Spotlight: Investment Club

   Northern State University’s Investment Club hasn’t been around that long but it shows potential. With its recent installment in November 2015, it already has about 12 members who have dedicated time towards big plans for the future of the club.
   The idea of the Investment Club wasn’t just made out of the blue; Northern had an investment club that was named “Wolves Money Management” but the club disbanded in 2008.
   The current Investment Club’s team coordinator is Vinh Nguyen and the advisor is Dr. John Peterson. The club meets twice every month but the times are varied. Those who are involved with the Investment Club need certain skills to be successful within the club. According to Nguyen, people have to have the determination to learn new things. Students should not join if they are not dedicated since the club works with actual money.
   During the next semester, Nguyen hopes the club will be able to have a solid knowledge of the basics of investments such as calculating retirement, and differentiating between investment vehicles such as stocks or bonds and currency. The activities that the club has done so far include starting to learn the basics by reading books and articles. By the end of the semester, Nguyen hopes the club will be able to attend the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting that will be held in Omaha, Nebraska on May 2.
   The club is of great value to the Northern community. It focuses on investment, not just through stocks and bonds but also the buying and selling of different businesses. The club also helps those who are interested in business or students at the School of Business to learn more about investments and other related information. Nguyen really enjoys this club because he has always had a passion for business and investment, even working with different business-related work since he was in elementary school.
   The club’s goal is to educate and help people understand what to invest, to encourage investors to resist the urge to follow the market and to focus on saving money. If anyone is interested in being a part of the Investment Club please email the team coordinator, Vinh Nguyen or the advisor, Dr. John Peterson.

Alysha Martinez
Staff Writer