Lincoln Gallery Plays Host to New Art Exhibit

Photo by Lexie Doerr.

   When observing artwork that depicts architecture and machinery next to comparatively smaller pieces with tree imagery upon them, it poses quite the interesting juxtaposition. It’s one that artists Jody Boyer and Russ Nordman have found becomes easier with time. After six to seven years of sharing exhibition spaces together, Boyer stated, “It’s easier to create a consistent show.”
   Currently residing in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Boyer is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha and teaches art at Norris Middle School, while Nordman is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in Intermedia and Digital Art.
   Despite the responsibility of inspiring students to pursue art, along with raising a family, Boyer and Nordman continue to maintain their own artmaking as a priority. “There are other ways art works for you and into your life,” Nordman commented. “It becomes instinctive over time.” Boyer added, “It’s continuing to find energy, to keep working and creating art.”
   They both agreed that the ability to trust an idea and let it grow comes with experience as an artist. The way in which they share their knowledge and artistic journey reflects an understanding of the dedication it requires to be a lifelong producing artist.
   When asked about his body of work exhibited in the Lincoln Gallery titled “Combine Series,” Nordman explained with a question, “How can I take something from my landscape and put it in another reality?” His artwork of silos, water towers, and common equipment found in the Midwest takes it out of its environment and as Nordman would say, “makes it imaginative.”
   Boyer integrated her passion for photography into “Forest for the Trees,” pieces that combine her appreciation for mixing new digital technology with an ancient medium. The small scale of her work is meant to display that small pieces can command as much attention as large works, “creating a sense of intimacy, it pulls you in.”
   The works of Jody Boyer and Russ Nordman will be on exhibition in the Lincoln Gallery until April 2. The Lincoln Gallery is open daily from 8 to 5 p.m.

Lexie Doerr
Staff Writer