Aberdeen Night Life’s Newest Attraction

Photo courtesy of Exponent Staff.

   The place where the Last Chance bar once laid claim now holds a newcomer in the night life circle of Aberdeen, and it’s without doubt one of the most unique.
   Pulse Nightclub, which opened its doors last fall, is Aberdeen’s first and only 18+ dance club. Looking to open a venue that would give 18-20 year-olds something to do in town was one of owners Kelli and Jeff Severson’s main goals. They succeeded in doing just that, reaching maximum capacity two weekends in a row after their first opening.
   With its modern interior, generous dance floor, and strobe lights, the Pulse is truly in a league of its own in Aberdeen. Both colorful and dim at the same time, the interior lends itself as a perfect venue for late night entertainment.
   Playing a mixture of the most popular EDM, R&B, dance, rap and hip hop music, there is something for everyone on any given night. The club offers not only pre-set playlists, but it currently hosts live performances by many different DJs, depending on the night or event.
   Despite creating a welcoming and safe environment for 18-20 year-olds, Pulse is not exclusively for those just below the legal drinking age. The bar offers a variety of nonalcoholic drinks while also providing over twenty different types of beer and malted beverages.
   Events at Pulse are likewise geared towards a wider age group, with weekly Beer Pong tournaments (18+ to register) and various themed parties. Instead of creating a separate place for 18-20 year-olds, the Seversons have bridged the gap between these age groups, providing an opportunity for everyone to be together in a social setting.
   The Pulse is located at 1023 S. Main St. and is open Thursday through Saturday 9pm to 2am. For upcoming events, check out their Facebook page or website.

Erin Ballard
Staff Writer