Club Spotlight: Psychology Club

   Budding psychologists aren’t the only people interested in learning about the human mind. In fact, most people would love to have a bit more of an understanding. Northern’s Psychology Club exists for that very reason. The group’s president, Clara Pierskalla, says, “We love and welcome anyone who is interested in the brain, people, interaction, or even therapy.”
   Psychology Club was formed to create a way for psychology enthusiasts to meet. The club members often discuss current events, as well as potential career opportunities, and even studies to participate in.
   During the school year, the Psychology Club has participated in Gypsy Days events, helped with the annual Haunted Forest, and sponsored a Therapy Day event on campus during finals week.
   The Therapy Day included many relaxing activities, allowing students to de-stress and unwind a bit. The Psychology Club offered coloring, crafts, and even taught people how to crochet for relaxation.
   “Psychology Club is great simply because it allows people with similar interests to get together and participate in activities they all love,” says Pierskalla. “Not only do we help out other people within the group, but we use the group in order to help others outside of the club.”
   She shares that the club has big plans for even more involvement this semester, both on campus and in the Aberdeen community. They aim to have a genuinely positive impact on Aberdeen as a whole.
   They will be teaching more people how to crochet, and they also have plans to do volunteer work at Avera and the Aberdeen Humane Society. Beyond that, the club hopes to have specialists from psychological fields come in for discussion.
   Another exciting thing for all to look forward to is the personality quiz they are working on. Students will be able to participate and discover what sort of occupations could be a great match for them.
   Anyone who has an interest in the world of psychology or has ever made a conversational joke about Pavlov or Freud should consider joining the like-minded yet thought-provoking people of Northern’s Psychology Club.
   President Clara Pierskalla exclaims, “Do not be afraid to join our next meeting!” The club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm in their faculty advisor Dr. Nina Slota’s office. To get involved, or for more information, please contact Clara Pierskalla or Dr. Nina Slota.

Kendall Merchut
Staff Writer