Dear Thunder (2/11)

Dear Thunder,

I live off-campus but close enough to walk. With the lovely weather in Aberdeen I have to admit that I often fear for my life as I walk to campus on the ice and snow. Do you have any advice on how I can get to class without hurting myself?

Missing the Summer Sun

Thunder headshot
Photo courtesy of Thunder the Wolf’s Facebook Profile

Dear Missing the Summer Sun,

      The treacherous tundra that they call the Aberdeen Winter can be a lot to take in. You’re in luck, though, because Thunder knows exactly how you can handle this. You’re going to need a nice fur coat like Thunders; fake fur, though, no Wolf would wear a member of their pack as a jacket. Also, snowshoes become very important, and no, I don’t mean those silly wicker things to walk on top of deep snow, I mean a pair of shoes that when wet won’t soak your socks, because there is nothing worse than wet socks while sitting through a lecture.
     That being said, the only other thing I can think of is to cut through the Student Center and Tech Center whenever possible. They’re there for a reason and that reason is so we don’t have to endure the frigid temps. Hope you make it out without frostbite.

You’re Welcome,
Thunder the Wolf

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