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   It has been a busy time in the South Dakota legislature. As we look at the bills that we have been watching, we have a few updates to give you all as we head to the upcoming legislative cracker barrel on February 20 in the Student Center Centennial Rooms. The bills that we have been following closely all came up to their respective committees since our trip to Students for Higher Education Days and all had different fates.
   HB 1017, a bill to authorize and appropriate funds for the building of a new math and sciences building on the Northern State University campus, came before the Appropriations committee on January 29 and was tabled on a 16-0 vote. The vote was mainly due to the building not being on the HEF (Higher Education Facilities) Fund ten-year plan which led the committee members to have concerns on the bill.
   HB 1077, the Good Samaritan drug bill, had an interesting time in House Judiciary committee on January 27 being amended twice to strike some major pieces of the bill, including protection from felony charges, as well as striking a new section to the codified laws that would deal with release and parole. After these amendments, the bill was given a do pass as amended recommendation and sent to the floor. The House floor moved do pass on the amended bill 59-6, and it is awaiting the scheduling of a hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee.
   HB 1078, the Good Samaritan alcohol bill, saw similar opponents as past sessions when it went before House Judiciary committee on January 27 but also saw a new batch of proponents, including the state’s emergency medical services association rising in favor of the bill.
   The bill received a do pass recommendation in committee 11-1 after a lengthy discussion, with the only no vote coming from Representative Mike Stevens (R – Yankton). The bill then went through the senate floor rather easily on a do pass recommendation 64-1 with again only Stevens voting in opposition. The bill was referred to Senate Judiciary on February 3 and is awaiting a hearing date before the committee.
   If you have any questions on these or other bills please feel free to stop by our office in Student Center 132.

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