Valentine’s Day: A Little Something for Everyone

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   For many people, Valentine’s Day is a rather touchy subject. Either you love it, or you hate it. On the one hand, it is a special day for lovebirds to celebrate their relationship, enjoy each other’s company, and hopefully receive copious amounts of chocolate.
   On the other hand, it can mean spending more money on gifts right after the holidays and seeing obnoxious public displays of affection everywhere you go. And, let’s face it, red and pink are kind of a terrible color combination.
   But regardless of whether or not you think Valentine’s Day was simply a holiday invented by Hallmark, it’s important to remember what this day is truly about: love. Whether romantic love or love for your friends, family, and even pets, there’s a little something to celebrate for everyone.
   First off, if you do happen to find yourself scrambling to make last-minute plans with a certain sweetie, never fear. There are lots of easy, relatively inexpensive, and out-of-the-box things you can do to make it a Valentine’s Day worth remembering.
   If you’re both early risers, indulge in the ultimate cliché romantic experience by watching the sunrise together with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee. Or start the day off with a bang with an extravagant brunch.
   If you’re a master chef, whip up your honey’s favorite decadent dishes. If you’re not, Aberdeen fortunately offers a handful of tasty brunch options such as Sammy’s, Perkins, and Marlin’s.
   If you and your significant other are feeling adventurous, why not try taking a class? Aberdeen offers a variety of classes in all kinds of different areas such as pottery, weaving, martial arts, and more through the Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center and Strongheart Martial Arts Academy.
   Whatever you do, you’re sure to have fun and learn something new about each other in the process.
If you’re still out of ideas, hit up one of Aberdeen’s three ice-skating rinks or even the roller rink. Skateaway is still a surprisingly cool and hip place to go, even when you’re in college, and you’ll also get in some physical activity while you’re at it.
   If you’re strapped for gift ideas, sophomore Sarah Johnson recommends going the cheap, effective route: “Get Milk Duds. Roses die, but Milk Duds are always delicious. Plus they’re only a dollar at Wal-Mart.”
   However, if you’re not part of a couple, or if you’re just not the romantic type and chilling with friends is more your thing, there are still plenty of options. Hold a movie night and invite all your favorite people (and pets). Bask in each other’s company, give each other cheesy store bought valentines, and put on your favorite feel-good shows.
   You can’t go wrong with classics like Pride and Prejudice and Roman Holiday. If you’re looking for something different, try Amelie, a cute French film that will definitely make you smile. Best part? All of these movies (and several more romantic or not-so-romantic choices) are on Netflix.
   If you find yourself spending Valentine’s Day on your own, however, never fear! “Make yourself happy,” suggests senior Holly Holborn, “Treat yourself to dinner and a movie.”
   So even if you think Valentine’s Day is overrated or conversation hearts make you want to watch rom-coms, there’s always a little something to celebrate.

Becca Simon
Staff Writer