Dear Thunder (2/25)

Dear Thunder,

I’m 18 and I started seeing this guy who is a few years older than me. I really like him but he has dated a lot of girls and some of my friends and family are telling me that I shouldn’t be dating him. I care what they think so what should I do?

Young and Sort of Free

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Dear Young and Sort of Free,

      Ultimately this is your decision to make. This is your life and people cannot run it for you, but, that being said, it is important to ask why your friends and family what their concerns are and ask your significant other what their intentions are. It’s important to keep communication up between your friends, family, and significant others in order to maintain healthy relationships. Your friends just care about you, just as Thunder would care about other members of the pack. Don’t get too stressed out, and if you do Aberdeen has two McDonald’s locations, and Breakfast is all day!

You’re Welcome,
Thunder the Wolf

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