Job Fair Opportunities for Northern Students

   To any college student, doing an internship or a full-time job is the best way to understand more about the discipline that they are pursuing. On Tuesday, March 15, two of the largest and most successful job fairs in the upper Midwest region will be held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   Sponsored by the South Dakota Association of College Career Center (SDACC), which is the organization comprised of all South Dakota’s higher education institute career centers, the annual Business-Industry-Government (BIG) and South Dakota Teacher (SDT) Job Fairs will target the region’s college students. These fairs will become the center of opportunities for any major at Northern.

Be confident, be open, and opportunities can come from any industry.
Britt Lorentz, Northern State University Career Center

   BIG has been praised highly by employers in the region to be one of the best investments of their time and resources because of the talents they have found here. Additionally, it has been beneficial to the students and alumni who are looking for their dream jobs and internships. While BIG will focus on the business and government, SDT Fair will be the link between in and out-of-state education employers and the upcoming or graduated educators. There will be a wide variety of positions at all levels of teaching, as school district representatives will be looking for any motivated and talented teachers in attendance.
   As part of SDACC, Northern Career Center, headed by Britt Lorentz, encourages Northern students to come and seek out the potential opportunity that can lead to the career that they are pursuing. Students can either register on the event’s website or come to Lorentz’s office (Student Center 208) by March 4. Registration is free. In addition, any SDACC students or graduates who pre-registered before that day will receive a free professional photo taken at the event.
   The crucial part of landing an internship and a full-time job is to make oneself attractive to the employers, and with the help of the Career Center, anything can be achieved. Assistance on creating or editing a resume or developing interview skills can be found at the Career Service Office. “Be confident, be open, and opportunities can come from any industry,” advised Lorentz, “When you find a position, you need to seek out the employer, not wait for them to come to you.”

Vinh Nguyen
Staff Writer