Noon Forum: Battle of the Bloggers

   In this day and age the world of blogging is becoming more and more popular. Whether individuals are posting, reading, or simply commenting on blogs, the wide array of bloggers is continuously growing. The ability to write on, virtually, any topic is attractive to many users.
   Dr. Ken Blanchard and Cory Heidelberger are two bloggers that show just how much of an impact blogging can have on users. Heidelberger started his blog centered on his hometown, Madison, SD, titled the “Madville Times.” The blog slowly began to expand to political issues all over South Dakota around the time that former Senator Tom Daschle had his last race in 2004. His blog then went on to focus on the positive aspects of the Thune campaign. As Heidelberger has continuously grown his blog, he has renamed it the “Dakota Free Press.”
   Dr. Blanchard began blogging about South Dakota politics and chatting with Heidelberger through the Daschle blog. Dr. Blanchard, however, originally began blogging to attract students. His blog topics include a variety of items such as biology, jazz, political ethics, global warming, or even reviews of Japanese horror films. Unfortunately, Dr. Blanchard confesses that he has had to cut back on his blogging because it is incredibly time consuming.
   While Dr. Blanchard and Heidelberger admit they became friends through blogging, the two said that they furthered their friendships through arguing. The duo came to the conclusion that Americans agree on most things, but it does not seem like it because Americans only seem to discuss what they disagree on, which is a perfect opportunity for bloggers.
   With blogging, anyone has the ability to bring about issues that may not otherwise be heard about. Offering opposition, or refuting, a particular topic with evidence gives “amateur journalists” the opportunity to go viral. Of course, this particular statement brings up the debate of whether or not blogging is considered a form of journalism. Someone should blog about it.
   Noon forums are held every Wednesday in the Beulah Williams Library Rotunda. Free bagels are promised for the first people to attend. Faculty, students, staff, and community members are all welcome.
   Stay tuned for the release of the March schedule.

Stacey McDonald
Staff Writer