Student Association Update

   As we wind down the year we look at a time of change, not only for the Student Association but for the campus at large and beyond.
   Looking at the Student Association, elections are fast approaching. This is a time for those who want to take more of a leadership role in the workings of their campus to come forward and take a spot on the body and help move the campus in a direction that is best for the students. It is a chance to not only use your voice but to see how the system works.
   We will have openings representing every academic school as well as Residence Life, Graduate School and At Large. Any student that fits the qualifications and is interested is encouraged to pick up a ballot and run for a senate position.
   At the state level there is a possible restructure of the Student Federation. I am currently sitting on a subcommittee that is examining the hierarchy of the Student Federation along with the payment structure.
   This committee has stemmed from a long standing disagreement between the larger schools and the smaller schools. The disagreement being that the larger schools have more students and, therefore, under the current funding model, pay more than the smaller schools for the same amount of representation.
   This, ironically, is similar to the argument that happened when the United States was deciding how to set up its legislature with the argument being between a populations based delegation and a equal representation delegation.
   In the end, the sides come to somewhat of a compromise and the United States adopted a bicameral legislature with the Senate (Equal Representation) and the House (Population).
   With a compromise of this level not a possibility, we hope to be able to bring forth a plan that will suffice both sides of this issue without causing the other side to give up too much.
   I firmly believe that the power the Student Federation carries is greatly devastated by a fracturing of the organization and hope we are able to reach this compromise.

Jory Kunzman
SA President