Student Spotlight: Corey Klatt

Photo courtesy of NSU Student Association.

   Corey Klatt is a third year honors student with a double major in history and political science here at Northern State University. A South Dakota native, Klatt comes from Watertown, SD.
   As a double major, it is natural to have multiple interests in career goals. In the future, Klatt hopes to become a successful politician and work with different delegates and others in the governmental field. Additionally, Klatt has interest in history-related fields and would also like to have a career working in a museum with different types of historical information.
   Klatt hasn’t had any internships thus far but hopes that the ones he has applied for will be a changing point for that.
   Here on campus Klatt is heavily involved in the Speech and Debate Club, which is led by Faculty Advisor Dr. Anthony Wachs. Klatt is also the vice president of the club. He really enjoys his time in Speech and Debate because he feels it is a wonderful learning opportunity that can really harness one’s educational abilities and be able to showcase them amongst other universities across the nation.

What makes Northern great is the size and the ability you have to know your professors on a one-on-one level.
Corey Klatt, Northern State University Junior

   In addition to being the treasurer of the Honors Program, Klatt is also a senator at-large in Student Association. He plans to run for Student Association President for the 2016-2017 academic year along-side his vice presidential candidate, Brooke Nelson.
   During his time at Northern, Klatt and his debate partner, Joshua Hinkemeyer, received sixth place at the national tournament in 2015. Klatt has also received the Jim Zeman Scholarship for debaters and people who are in the forensic community.

Corey Klatt and Joshua Hinkemeyer after the 2015 national debate tournament. Photo courtesy of Northern State University Speech and Debate Facebook page.

   Klatt said that the professor who has been most influential to him is Dr. Anthony Wachs. Since Klatt works with him closely for debate, Wachs has shown him how much ability a student has to succeed in the field of public speaking and debate. Klatt believes Dr. Wachs makes sure to get to know everyone on a personal level, make them feel comfortable and help guide and show students their own potential.
   While searching for the right university to attend, Klatt visited Northern and fell in love with it pretty quickly. He loved the small community, the small campus and the great reputation of the faculty. Klatt stated, “What makes Northern great is the size and the ability you have to know your professors on a one-on-one level.”
   From that, Klatt made the decision to come to Northern State University and he has loved it ever since.

Alysha Martinez
Staff Writer