NSU Does Not Need A New Residence Hall

   Current students have taken on the burdensome costs of numerous projects around Northern including: the Barnett Center, the current renovation to the JFAC building, and now the new residence hall expected to be built in 2017.
   If you were a prospective student, what would be the focus for you in choosing a college? Having a brand new residence hall, you may or may not be able to afford, or focusing on strengthening the campus’s already disconnected student body?
   Northern fails to recognize what its students want for the future of this university, and to take on the tremendous task of building an additional residence hall is not essential. So, where should the focus really be?
   Rather than taking on a new building project, Northern should focus on the students already in attendance.
   We are a campus that is exceedingly small and a decreasing attendance rate is not due to the absence of quality residence halls; Northern remains a place that fails to draw in the next generation because it fails to entertain.
   Though it allows for an increase for future students and another option for residence life, what use is a new residence hall to those living off campus? Nothing.
   I personally want something that gets the student body together in a fun way that isn’t shuffling from one class to the next. This is the reality that faces many students.
   To be an inviting campus, we have to be more aware that students are choosing schools that have a certain focus on involvement rather than amenities. This perspective is one that looks to benefit the next generation of Northern students.
   Even as a freshman in my second semester, I already feel like I’ve been disregarded by my university through a lack of activities.
   The mentality of this campus seems to be, “well the students stayed for this long, we’re confident that they will stay for the rest of their academic career.” Some may say that this isn’t true but this is what I have experienced on campus.
   This plan to build a new residence hall will only add a shiny new building to a less than shiny campus.
   Focus on what you have Northern; we don’t need much.
   Our student body is one with many packs and no direction.

Tanner Peltier
NSU Student