NSU Needs Stadium

   Memories of playing in a stadium, crowds screaming, and the rush of being there in the moment last a lifetime. Northern State University needs a stadium for their athletics.
   Currently, NSU is using Aberdeen Central High School’s athletic stadium for our football games, soccer scrimmages, baseball, and softball practices. If we build a stadium for NSU athletics, then we won’t have to correlate our schedule with the high schools or ask to use their field. Most Division II universities have their own stadium, we would make more money, and NSU athletes would be happier.
   Some may say we don’t need a new stadium because we’ve always used the high school’s and we’ve been doing just fine. While some may argue that this is a reasonable solution, I disagree with them and strongly believe NSU athletes need a stadium to call their own.
   People could argue the university does not have enough money to make a stadium, but if all the NSU athletic teams hold fundraisers and with donations we could pull together enough money.
   Finding a place to build a stadium near campus might be difficult, although NSU could use the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s field or the old soccer / tennis courts could be used to build the stadium.
   Using one stadium for all athletics would make for difficult scheduling, but if two teams are using the field and two are using the baseball stadium it would be a lot easier than having to share with two high schools, two college teams, and band.
   As an NSU soccer player, Northern should provide us with our own athletic stadium because the drive will be shorter for student athletes. Some mornings we have to get up at 5 a.m. to drive to Central High School for practices. This is tough because not everyone on the team has a vehicle and it’s a 15-minute drive from campus. Having a stadium on campus would relieve a lot of stress for those without a vehicle as they could walk to practice and we could eliminate the drive completely. Having to play a college soccer game at a high school field is a slap in the face. I graduated high school; therefore, making athletes play at a high school field makes some of us feel like less than what we are.
   My last point is that correlating schedules would be easier for Northern athletics if a stadium were built. There would be the football and soccer field as one, used for both sports, and next to it would be the baseball and softball field. Having two teams always correlate vs. two separate high schools and one college would be less difficult.
   I don’t think college athletes should have to play their games at a high school. Division II athletes should have their own stadium.

Crystal Bougneit
NSU Student Athlete