Student Directed “Standing on Ceremony” A Success

   On Wednesday, March 2, NSU’s Theatre Department put on a series of nine short plays centered around the theme of gay marriage.
   The title of the collection of plays is called “Standing on Ceremony”, and it touches on issues that are universal across all relationships.
   This is the first time in a few years that Northern has put on a play that is purely student run.
   This year, Directors Seth Honerman (Graduate Student), Eli Corbett (Senior), and Haley Hubbard (Senior) took three scenes each.
   These scenes ranged from a couple standing at the altar, to a Facebook conversation about gay marriage, to a man talking about his late partner at a funeral and everything in-between.
   An inspiring set of plays that run the gambit of emotions ranging from sad and melancholy to absurd and upbeat with moments of hilarity thrown in at regular intervals.
   Director Seth Honerman had this to say, “It is a very important set of plays that are relevant despite their age due to the legalization of same-sex marriages this past summer. This is an opportunity for students to voice how they feel about these issues and why they are important to them.”
   Honerman also had to say, “This allows us to open up a discussion about the heart of humanity and what a relationship really is and that all people are equal.”
   All of the proceeds made from the show will go to the NSU Theatre Department and the scholarships they provide.

Tyler Lanam
Staff Writer