Residence Life Update on New Hall Coming to NSU

Design concept for new Northern State University Residence Hall. Photo courtesy of Northern State University Residence Life.

   Recently, the NSU Office of Residence Life has received numerous questions regarding the plans for the new residence hall and how that new residence hall will affect the current housing options. As we get closer to the ground breaking for the new hall in May, we want to share the excitement of this project with the students at Northern.
   The new three story residence hall will be located on the corner of Lincoln Street and 12th Avenue, in the current empty lot just west of the Washington Street parking lot. The hall, which was designed by Co-Op Architecture, will have a variety of two person and four person suites and semi-suite style housing options for students to reside.
   The fully air-conditioned facility will house 144 students and offer a variety of amenities including laundry rooms, lounge facilities, kitchen amenities and meeting rooms on each floor for our students to utilize in their daily routine.
   Another feature to the hall is the inclusion of study coves scattered throughout the hall that will provide space for students to escape their rooms and suites and study in areas designed just for that purpose.
   One of the exciting parts of the new residence hall is that it will be Northern’s first hall that has been designed to receive a Silver LEED rating. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system devised to evaluate and encourage sustainable building and living. Because of this design structure, the new hall will have many energy saving and sustainability options for our students including recycling programs.
   With the addition of these 144 beds to our campus in the fall of 2017, the current plan is to take Lindberg off line at that time. While no plans have been made for what to do with Lindberg Hall, there are no immediate plans for destruction of that facility until a usage study can be done to determine its value to the campus community. The remaining five halls, Briscoe, Jerde, Kramer, McArthur-Welsh and Steele will remain as vital parts of our residential community at Northern.
   Long range planning with the South Dakota Board of Regents has also provided NSU with the authorization to proceed with the exploratory and design phase of a second new hall to be built within the next few years to replace Jerde Hall. That building, should it happen, would not begin until after the completion of the Lincoln/12 Ave. facility.
   If students or faculty and staff have any questions regarding the design of the new residence hall, please feel free to stop by the Office of Residence Life in the Student Center. Our staff would be happy to show you the design features.

Marty Sabolo
NSU Director of Residence Life