Student Spotlight: Jory Kunzman

Jory Kunzman and Zeb Lytle at the Student Leadership Conference in Sioux Falls, SD. Photo courtesy of Jory Kunzman.

   Jory Kunzman is a second year graduate student here at Northern State University. Originally from Sioux Falls, SD, Kunzman graduated from NSU in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Marketing and Administration and will graduate May 7 with a Master of Science in Education in Sport Performance and Leadership.
   From Student Association President to Live Events Coordinator, Kunzman has been active and worn many hats during his six years at Northern.
   Kunzman has been actively involved with the NSU Student Association since 2012. As an undergraduate, he served as a senator and from 2015-2016 he served as President of Student Association.
   Besides his Student Association presidency, Kunzman has also held positions with Campus Activities Board (CAB), Welcome Week, and The Exponent. Of his time as a sports reporter for The Exponent, Kunzman stated, “I enjoyed being around sports, so to get paid to write about them, was something I enjoyed a lot.”

I like the community at Northern. The staff and fellow students at the university are very supportive.
Jory Kunzman, Northern State University Graduate Student

   During his time on CAB, Kunzman has held the positions of Live Events Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator. Some of the duties involved with those positions included organizing campus events, managing the group’s social media presence, advertising for acts and bands coming to campus, and much more.
   Additionally, Kunzman held the position of Orientation Leader for two years. He saw this experience as an opportunity to get to know about incoming students. “I liked being an orientation leader because I got to meet new students and help them transition to the university.” As an Orientation Leader, Kunzman taught new incoming freshmen the ins and outs of campus, lead games and activities, and much more.
   Although he has been actively involved on campus since his first year at NSU, Kunzman’s involvement reaches beyond that of Northern’s campus. Besides being treasurer of South Dakota Young Democrats, he also is active within his chosen career field.
   In October of 2015, Kunzman and fellow Sport Performance and Leadership graduate student, Zeb Lytle, presented at a leadership conference.
   Every year the South Dakota Higher Education Association holds a Student Leadership Conference. This past year it was held in Sioux Falls. Kunzman recalled of the event, “I thought it was very educational and a very cool opportunity to present at a conference and see what it is like to be on the other side of presenting.”
   Kunzman also extended his time to internships. Two of his internships were with NSU, one with the Compliance Office and the other with the Sports Information Office. For these internships Kunzman performed various duties including collecting data for the all-time series records, performing game day responsibilities (score board, music, camera operations), and assisting coaches.
   As one might expect, after six years at Northern, Kunzman has developed relationships with many students, faculty, and staff. “I have had Dr. Orr for the last five years, “ said Kunzman. “During that time, he has helped me move forward with my research and has also given me great guidance.” As for staff, Kunzman stated that, “Jerilyn Mielke and Jackie Blide have been my Northern mothers since my freshman year.”
   When asked what he likes most about Northern Sate University, Kunzman stated, “Everything. I like the community at Northern. The staff and fellow students at the university are very supportive.”

Brooke Nelson