Update on College of Arts and Sciences Dean Search

   You may have noticed that much administrative turnover has occurred recently at Northern State University, and now it is the College of Arts and Sciences’ (CAS) turn to select their new dean to replace Dr. C. G. “Tino” Mendez.
   Starting in the beginning of February, a search committee comprised of CAS faculty, a few select faculty outside CAS, and a student representative has been meeting frequently to sift through the resumes and cover letters of the 30 applicants, choose which applicants would be offered a Skype interview, and then finally select which applicants would be offered an on-campus interview.
   Candidates for Skype interviews were chosen based on numerous factors including leadership and administrative experience, knowledge of NSU’s strategic plan, ideas to improve recruitment and retention, and accreditation experience.
   After the initial Skype interviews, four finalists were chosen for on-campus interviews based on the above factors as well as their unique vision for NSU.
   Of these four finalists, one is internal, and the other three are from universities outside South Dakota.
   The internal candidate is Dr. Jon Schaff, who is currently a Professor of Political Science at NSU. He has a PhD in Political Science from Loyola University in Chicago in addition to an MA in Political Science from the University of Wyoming.
   The external candidates include Dr. John Mouracade, Dr. Joshua Hagen, and Dr. John Schaumloffel.
   Dr. Mouracade has a PhD and MA from the University of Rochester, and he has been serving as Interim Dean of the University Honors College at the University of Alaska- Anchorage. As a professor, his specialties include ancient Greek philosophy and metaphysics.
   Dr. Hagen teaches at Marshall University in West Virginia, where he is a Professor of Geography and has been department chair since 2010.
   Dr. Schaumloffel is currently a Professor of Chemistry at State University of New York College of Oneonta. He has a PhD and MS degree in chemistry from Washington State University.
   All of the CAS Dean candidates visited campus in early April. At that time, they met with the search committee, the CAS faculty, and NSU Provost Al LaFave. They also presented their visions for the College of Arts and Sciences at public forums held on campus.
   After the campus visits, the search committee convened and provided Provost LaFave with the committee’s recommendations for the candidate to which the position should be offered, along with supporting material.
Campus should soon learn who will be the new Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Annika van Oosbree