This is my senior year at Northern State University. Being a student on this campus for going on four years, I have had classes in almost every building.
   From the Gerber Building to Dacotah Hall to the Johnson Fine Arts Center, I have sat through many classes and had the opportunity to get to know several of the different departments. That being said, there is no department more overflowing with equipment than that of the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Mathematics in Mewaldt-Jensen Hall. Particularly, the science programs.
   One step into the over-crowded labs is enough to know that a change is necessary. Over the years, our science programs have grown and done some noteworthy things. Most recently, they waded through the grants process in order to get a greenhouse built, Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jon Mitchell and his student crew are part of the local effort by the Center for Disease Control and the South Dakota Department of Health to monitor and manage Brown County’s mosquito population, and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Alyssa Kiesow secured a cadaver lab. The science program faculty and students complete some amazing research (check out the front page for an example!).
   It is clear that the science programs need more space in order to continue doing the amazing things they already do, but they also need the space in order to continue that path of growth.
   This being said, there is talk around campus that a new science building is set to be built in the not-so-distant future. Keep an eye on The Exponent for more details regarding this much needed development on Northern’s campus.

Brooke Nelson
Managing Editor
The Exponent