Staff Spotlight: Lynn Klundt

   Lynn Klundt is one of the reference librarians at Northern’s Beulah Williams Library. She was born and raised in Huron, SD, and her alma mater is Northern State University.
   Lynn received her master’s degree from the University of North Texas and has been working at NSU’s library for the past five years.
   Lynn is actively involved in campus committees, including serving on Northern’s Common Read Committee, which is sponsored by the Honors Program. As a member of this committee, Lynn is able to help choose the book for the annual Common Read program and has the opportunity to meet the author.
   One project Lynn is particularly proud of is her work with the Beulah Willams Library Creation Lab, located near the circulation desk.
   The Creation Lab is a place where NSU students, faculty, and staff can gain access to and experience with emerging technologies.
   The Creation Lab includes a 3-D printer, a smartboard, a few chrome books, and various other technology. More information on Creation Lab can be found at
   For Lynn, her career as a librarian is a dream come true. She loves that she works and connects with students on a daily basis. “I really like getting into the classroom and getting to know the students.”

Lynn Klundt. Photo credit: Michaela Liebl.

   Outside of Northern, Lynn has been with the A-town Rollergirls since 2013. Her role on the team is as a “Jammer,” which has appropriately earned her the Rollergirl name StackSmasher.
   Lynn wants the Northern community to know that librarians are “real people” with strange and interesting hobbies, just like everyone else.
   When asked why she chose Northern, Lynn responded, “Northern kind of chose me.” She calls herself lucky and blessed that everything worked in her favor to land her at NSU.
   During her summers, she loves to travel with her husband and son. She enjoys playing video games such as Legend of Zelda and the Mario series, and she loves to read and complete art work in her free time.
   About the NSU librarians, she notes, “We are here for the students, and I’m really glad the students can see that we’re a great bunch of people who really want to help.”

Alysha Martinez
Staff Writer