Campus-Wide Recycling Program

   An estimated 1,500 plastic bottles end up as waste in landfills or in the ocean every second, according to environmental website The World Counts (
   Whether you’re an environmentalist or recycle when it’s available, no one can ignore the prevalence of recycling; something a Northern student and the Environmental Club have begun to act upon.
   Maris Grewe, a senior, contemplated restarting a recycling program on campus after being the President of Hall Council in Lindberg, where recycling has been an active part of the residence hall’s community.
   Grewe than asked the question, “If we collect a large amount of plastic in one Residence Hall, how much can we collect across campus?”
   Joining forces with the Environmental Club, overseen by advisors Julie Schroer, Dr. Jodie Ramsay, and Dr. Alyssa Anderson, Grewe has created a campus recycling program that has begun this semester.

Photo credit: NSU Staff. A recycle bin in Mewaldt-Jensen.

   Ten green recycling bins are located across Northern’s campus in specific buildings: Student Center, Tech Center, Mewaldt-Jensen, Beulah Williams Library, and Lincoln Hall. No recycling bins will be located in the Residence Halls, due to limited access and security reasons.
   The only materials to be placed in the recycling bins are #1 and #2 plastic bottles: water, pop, and sports beverage bottles. The drink labels and the caps may remain on at the time of placing bottles in a recycling bin.
   Various NSU student organizations have joined in to help the program, volunteering to empty an assigned recycling bin once it becomes full. Business Club, Honors Club, NAfME, Veterans Club, Spanish Club, Student Association, and Cru all currently have a bin to oversee.
   Expanding the program in the future greatly depends on how it is received on campus. Schroer noted, “We want to keep it small-scale and have it be successful.”
   After 20 years without a campus-recycling program, going green might just become a regular act of the Northern Pack.

Alexis Doerr