Fallen Headcount Enrollment Grows Slightly at South Dakota Public Universities

   Fall enrollment at South Dakota’s six public universities increased slightly compared to last year, up one-quarter of one percent, the South Dakota Board of Regents reported today. Headcount enrollment was up by 92 students across the entire system.
   Total headcount at the six public universities was 36,531, an increase of 0.25 percent over last year. The number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students for the Fall 2016 term—based on total credit hours generated by all students within the regents’ system—decreased by 84.1 students to a total of 26,599.7, or -0.32 percent.
   Dakota State University at Madison reported growth in both its headcount (1.43 percent) and FTE (2.03 percent). Headcount enrollment growth within the system was led by Northern State University at Aberdeen, which posted a 2.6 percent increase.
   “Our continued attention to growing enrollments is very important for South Dakota and its economic well-being,” said Mike Rush, the regents’ executive director and CEO. “We remain committed to increasing the number of students with postsecondary education. Increasing the number of students with four-year and graduate degrees is a critical component of meeting the state’s goal to have 65 percent of 25 to 34 year olds with some type of postsecondary credential.”

SDBOR Press Release