Meet Your 2016 Gypsy Days Royalty Candidates

10zachZachariah Bartolomeo
“I run cross country and track at NSU. Something interesting about me is that I am a registered Jedi and an ordained minister through Universal Life Church. Why should people vote for me? Well, to be honest, probably because I am literally the only running candidate.”

9sammieSamantha Elbert
“I work at the Humane Society, and it’s actually the best job in the world. I also have a 10-month-old puppy who is just the light of my world. I would like to be royalty to represent people that feel like I do; people that don’t always feel like they’re the most attractive or popular or talented. I want to represent students that don’t feel special but make so much more of an impact than they realize and remind them that they will never go unnoticed.”

8harrisonHarrison Homelvig
“One interesting thing about me would be that I really enjoy Philosophy. You know that feeling that you get when you hear an idea that utterly shifts your entire thought process and perception of the world? Yeah, that feeling gives me life! I exemplify the spirit and enthusiasm of Northern. To be crowned Marshall would just feel unreal.”

7coreyCorey Klatt
“I am a history and political science major, and I am on the speech and debate team. I am also the president of Student Association and a member of the Honors Program. You should vote for me because I am the only candidate who has a platform. We have had too many establishment candidates become Marshall and if you elect me, that will come to an end.”

6chengCheng Peng
“I am an outgoing graduate student majoring in educational studies, from Beijing, China. I enjoy working out, weight lifting, biking, and all crazy adventures, like bungee jumping! The world is getting smaller, that is why I think building a friendly multicultural community should be Aberdeen’s future. Also, an international student has never won Gypsy Queen before, and it is time now!”

5davonteDavonte Robertson
“I am from Morris, MN. I am a double major in Elementary Education and Special Education. I love meeting new people and also being a listening ear for when people may need it. As of August 8, I am a first time aunt, and I have loved every minute of it. Fun fact about me is that my favorite Disney movie is the Princess and the Frog.”

4donavanDonavan Soulek
“Hi! I am from Wagner, SD. My major is Elementary Education with a minor in History and a Coaching endorsement. I am involved with CAB, Student Association, Vice President of the History Club, AwareWolves, Newman Club, Howling Wolves, Welcome Week Orientation leader AEYC, and SDEA. Vote for Donavan because I appreciate your vote.”

3paigePaige Tooker
“I am an Instrumental and Vocal Music Education major. I am engaged, a proud cat mom, and a Drum Major in the Marching Band. I am honored to be one of the top five Queen candidates. Your votes for Gypsy Queen would be really awesome! After all, how many colleges have a Drum Major running for Homecoming Queen?”

2brandonBrandon Vockrodt
“I am originally from Pierre, SD. I am studying math education and hope to teach high school math somewhere in South Dakota. I think people should consider who they think will best represent Northern during Gypsy Days and vote for that person. If that happens to be me, great! If not, that’s okay, too. All of the candidates are great people and are deserving of both positions, so best of luck to all of us.”

1carrieCarrie Wegleitner
“I am senior at Northern pursuing a B.A. in Graphic Design. Something interesting about me? I love making art and eating Mac & Cheese. I would love to be your Gypsy Queen because I love Northern! It has become my home, and I have grown a lot as a student and have been given many great opportunities to represent several organizations. I mostly love all the rad friends I have made over the last three years! Being queen would be super dope. Go Wolves!”

Alysha Martinez
All photos courtesy of the candidate pictured.