Northern State University Student Association Update

   Student Association is getting ready to move forward on the planned General Activity Fee (GAF) increase. There are two possible ideas that we have narrowed it down to. During the October Board of Regents meeting, we will present our plan to the Board, and it will be voted upon in December. The proposed plan would be a six dollar increase.
   We will be holding informational sessions for students in the coming weeks; these will be held in the Centennial Rooms at various times and days. Since students will ultimately be voting on this increase, we would love to see you there and hear your opinion on this issue. All students are encouraged to come to at least one of the sessions and express your opinions and concerns regarding the GAF increase.
   Also, we are excited that Northern State University will host the October South Dakota Board of Regents meeting. This will allow us to showcase Northern and our beautiful campus.
   The Board of Regents meeting will be held October 4th through the 6th. Before the meeting begins, the student governments from each SD Board of Regents institution (Student Federation) will meet for their monthly meeting. Discussion at this meeting will likely center on changes to the budget, fee increases, and executive seats.
   At the Board of Regents meeting we will also present other plans that the university has going forward. This is one of the most important times of the year for us and we look forward to seeing what happens at the meeting.
   Student Association is happy to announce that we will be a sponsor for the NSU recycling program. Recycling bins are already up around campus, so save those bottles and the environment and recycle.
   It is Gypsy Days week; go out and support your school. Points of Pride will be held Monday through Wednesday in the Student Center. Coronation is at 7pm on Thursday and the Burning of the N immediately follows that.
   Student Association has four members on royalty court. They are Corey Klatt, Harrison Homelvig, Donovan Soulek, and Carrie Wegleitner. Get out and vote for royalty this week and plan to attend the coronation.
   We are your voice in the world of higher education. That being said, we would greatly appreciate your input at our meetings. All meetings are open to the public and are held every Tuesday at 9pm in the Centennial Rooms of the Student Center.
   It is your opportunity to be heard. If you have big ideas for Northern come to our meeting, or consider applying for one of our open seats. We are here to serve you, the students, and if we aren’t properly serving the students then we are not doing our job. So come join us, and don’t be afraid to give us your input.

Go Wolves!


Corey Klatt