Students to Attend National Honors Conference

   Writing an honors thesis is a task many students are often intimidated by, but NSU honors students Levi Seefeldt and Lexie Doerr have not only overcome this challenge but will be presenting their research in Seattle at the National Honors Conference October 13-15. Honors Graduate Assistant Zachary Feil and Honors Club President Taylor Ellingson will also attend the conference.
   Dr. Erin Fouberg, Director of the NSU Honors Program, commented on the value of this opportunity, saying, “Going to a national competition makes you realize that you’re better than you thought you were. It gives you a better perspective.”
   Seefeldt explained the concept of his thesis as “Comparing fine art self-portrait painting to selfies to show that they are of the same lineage and inspired by the same things.” Seattle is not Seefeldt’s first National Honors Conference experience; he held the position of State Student Representative for South Dakota on the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Council, enabling him to attend the 2015 conference in Denver, Colorado.
   Doerr’s thesis involves the presentation of a personal artwork titled Stitched Apart, a quilt that represents the growing political polarization of the United States. “This piece aims to expose viewers to the notion of going beyond color affiliation and party lines to discover the cultural communities that make up our nation,” she explained. Stitched Apart is a piece that will later be incorporated into Doerr’s overall thesis of Art Activism: A History of Creativity & Change.
   “Know Yourself” is the theme of the 2016 National Honors Conference.

Lexie Doerr