Organization Spotlight: Insight Program

   The college experience is well-known for the new freedom it offers college students, most of whom are experiencing life without the watchful eye of parents for the first time in their lives.
   It’s a great time for students—a time to make new friends, plan for a career, and to learn basic life management skills. Although being a college student can be exciting and fulfilling, it comes with several pitfalls, too.
   One of those potential problem areas is alcohol dependence. Alcohol use (and overuse) is a common problem on college campuses throughout the US.
   NSU’s Insight Program is designed to help students whose lives are being negatively affected by alcohol use.
   The program has two counselors dedicated to guide students to a healthy college experience. These counselors hold classes and individual counseling sessions that deal specifically with alcohol and drug dependence. They also hold dependency-prevention programs with students throughout the year.
   Many of the students they serve are required to be there because of a violation of campus alcohol policy or because of a violation of the law that happened off campus.
   However, many students are also self-referrals. Cory Anderson, NSU Counselor, prefers that students be able to recognize the problem on their own and seek help before the problem gets out of control. “I’d rather see someone come in because they want to rather than someone who attends our program because they are ordered to by the school or law enforcement,” said Anderson. Regardless of how students may come to the program, the counseling sessions are confidential.
   For more information about Insight, contact the Counseling Center at 626-2371 or in room 240 in the Student Center.

Annika van Oosbree