Club Spotlight: L’Opera Lupo

   Within the first month of the Fall 2016 semester, L’Opera Lupo officially became one of Northern State University’s newest clubs.
   This club, whose name translates from Italian as “Opera Wolves,” unites a group of people on campus who are enthused by opera and who desire to see opera become more appreciated and more widely enjoyed at Northern.
   It was started in order to offer students more opportunities to engage with opera, including performing operatic pieces. Additionally, the club hopes to help students to more fully understand this musical form and form a deeper appreciation for the history and culture of opera.
   It was NSU’s vocal faculty who initially formed the idea of L’Opera Lupo. Most notably, Dr. Darci Bultema, Associate Professor of Applied Voice and Opera at NSU, encouraged students to start this club. NSU music faculty and students had been doing some opera scenes and were enjoying it immensely.
   At the same time, non-vocal majors were joining these students and faculty on trips to see opera performances in Fargo/Moorhead. This opera experience provided the perfect atmosphere for enthusiasm over this art form to spill over into the creation of L’Opera Lupo.
   L’Opera Lupo is planning on hosting many social events that “involve food as a first priority,” as Vice President Taylor Wall put it. She described the future socials as “theme opera nights” during which, for instance, a German opera would be watched while consuming German food.
   The club also hopes to host trips to Fargo/Moorhead and the Twin Cities in order to watch opera performances as well as support opera performances on campus. The club is playing an integral role in the upcoming NSU opera, Gianni Schicchi, a comedic opera which will be performed in November.
   Anyone interested in being a part of L’Opera Lupo should contact Wall, club President Sal Scavo, or Secretary/Treasurer Elsa Swanson for more information.

Annika van Oosbree

L’Opera Lupo club members practice for an upcoming performance. Photo credit: Kyla Schuster.