Noon Forum: “What I Think Is Going to Happen…”

   Like it or not, we all now know the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. All along, anyone interested in the election held a strong opinion about both candidates. Whether you were “With Her” or with “The Human Jack O’ Lantern” as Dr. Blanchard put it, the 2016 election was nothing less than interesting.
   As November 8 loomed near, so did the question “Who will be the next President?” A November 2 noon forum, featuring Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Jon Schaff, sought t o respond to this question.
   Dr. Schaff pointed out the expertise Trump exudes in front of the camera. He’s an entertainer. This aspect, when combined with his “hard demagoguery” earned him quite the fan base.
   Although Clinton arguably holds the better level of experience, as Dr. Blanchard and Dr. Schaff pointed out, many intending to vote for Clinton did so because they feel it’s the only option. They’re either “Anti-Trump” or “Pro-Woman-President”. Even some of these voters, though, chose a different candidate after the email scandal that followed her around gained more attention.
   When the forum was opened for questions, Dr. Steven Usitalo posed one for those baffled as to how Trump got this far. Dr. Schaff responded that people are against illegal immigration, and the press is so in the bag for Clinton that Trump supporters think it’s corrupt, which created more passion among his supporters.

Vi Michael