Wolves Run Hard from NCAA Central Region Championships

   The Northern State University cross country teams took on the NCAA Central Region Championships from Yankton Trails Park. The women finished 15 as a team with an average time of 22:49.29. The men tallied four finishers scoring for the team however five are needed to register a team score.
   Tanner Peltier was the top finisher for the men, hitting the line at 33:04.31 in the top 70 of the field. Jackson Goodell followed in his first regional championship of his career, finishing in 36:01.69, followed by Logan Swenson at 36:22.59. Jacob Schweitzer rounded out the pack for the Wolves with a time of 39:51.73.
   Hannah Kastigar was the top finisher for the women in 38, with a time of 21:55.92. Paige Larson followed in the top 60 with a time of 22:21.19. Lindsey Gast and Madison Leapaldt landed in the top 100 finishing in 22:50.30 and 22:56.31 respectively. In the final cross country race of her NSU career, senior Courtney Espeland finished in 24:02.71.

NSU Sports Information