Club Spotlight: NAfME

   The National Association for Music Educators (NAfME) is an organization that has had a presence on Northern State University’s campus for many years.
   NAfME is a national organization that spans hundreds of campuses and school systems and boasts thousands upon thousands of members across the country. These members include teachers as well as their students.
   This October, the members of Northern’s chapter of NAfME took seventeen of their members to Sioux Falls for the annual conference of South Dakota’s membership. This conference allows the members of NAfME to participate in a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, and performances.
   The workshops are presented by teachers and professors from around the country. The first day is called collegiate day, and it is solely focused on the college students that attend the conference.
   The conference also had two keynote speakers. Russell Robinson is Emeritus Professor and Head of Music Education at the University of Florida, and Robert Sheldon is one of the most performed composers of wind band music today.
   Members can relax to sounds of professional ensembles from all over the state. NSU also contributed to these festivities by offering performances by our Clarinet Choir and Orchestra. Members also got to enjoy a special treat as an Elementary choir from Mitchell was also on the program of performances.
   Along with the opportunities provided at the convention, members were also able to sit in on the rehearsals of the South Dakota All-State Choir, one of the largest choirs of its kind. “Not only does the conference provide a lot of learning opportunities, it also allows us to build up our connections and to network,” said the current president of Northern’s chapter of NAfME, junior, Katie Appl.
   The conference a good place to meet potential employers, but it is also a place for Northern to do some recruiting as high school students are also welcome at the conference.
   The other universities that were present during the conference include, but are not limited to, Black Hills State, the University of Sioux Falls, Augustana, and the University of South Dakota.

Tyler Lanam