Improving Sportsmanship with Intramural Sports

   The Northern State University Office of Student Affairs hosts intramural sports every semester. Intramural sports are open for every student who is currently enrolled at NSU.
   The university offers intramural sports in order to provide students with opportunities to improve themselves and promote sportsmanship while they compete with each other, giving them the chance to have fun and to help maintain their health by playing sports.
   Anybody is welcome to join intramural sports. Whether you participated in sports in high school but not at the university, or if you just want a chance to have some fun playing sports that you are interested in or have an interest in meeting new people, intramural sports provides great opportunities for everyone.
   The intramural sports leagues offer different sports each semester. This fall, sand volleyball was held in September, flag football was held in September and October, and indoor volleyball is held during November. Currently, the NSU Office of Student Affairs is planning the intramural basketball league for the spring 2017 semester.
   Not only do intramurals have the classic sports like football, volleyball, basketball, and more, but they also offer some more unconventional sports that anybody can play, such as dodge ball, ping pong, and bean bag tossing, which are held on the campus green.
   The schedule and timetable for each sport is announced four weeks prior to the start of each league. This gives a chance for each student who wants to participate to check their class schedule before joining a league.
   Information about intramural sports is announced in NSU News emails and posted on bulletin boards around campus. Students who want to join intramural sports need to register prior to the events.
   If you are interested in joining any of the intramural sports leagues at Northern State University, you can register online at
   Further information can also be found at their Facebook page “NSU Intramural Sports” or in the Office of Student Affairs (Student Center room 222).

Joseph Park