Northern State University Student Association Update

My fellow students,

   The most recent discussions at our meetings have centered around committee goals. Our senate has several committees: public relations (PR), finance, facilities, and governance. These committees have many standard responsibilities, like communicating with the rest of campus, leading SBAC meetings, bringing student concerns over facilities to light, and approving clubs.
   Beyond that, though, our committees create additional goals to improve campus life. Our PR committee has been working to increase our visibility on campus. One event they have in the works is Northern’s first Presidential Promenade. This event will bring together faculty and students for an evening of food and live music. Look out for posters about it in January!
   As for finance, they are working with governance to get club renewals and SBAC hearings better aligned. In order to prevent clubs that have not been approved for the following year from receiving funds, a better timeline needs to be worked out.
   The facilities crew is looking into two things: campus furniture and parking lots. They would like to see if acquiring some new campus furniture is a possibility as well as fixing some of the rough patches in the parking lots.
   Lastly, governance is aiming to make a number of adjustments to our Student Association Constitution. There are a few areas that can use clarification and others that would benefit from some additions. Improving these is one of their major goals for the year.
   As of right now we have a number of seats available on Student Association. The seats we currently have available are the following: School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and Graduate School.
   If you are a student in the listed schools and have an interest in making a difference on campus and in the lives of your fellow students, please email me ( or SA President Corey Klatt ( for more information about the positions!
   We are here to serve you, the students and, if we aren’t properly serving the students, then we are not doing our job. So come join us and don’t be afraid to give us your input.
   We are your voice in the world of higher education. Not only do your senators represent you in Student Association but every senator also serves on a number of campus-wide committees that affect all areas of campus life.
   That being said, we would greatly appreciate your input at our meetings. Our meetings are open to the public and are held every Tuesday at 9pm in the Centennial Rooms of the Student Center. It’s your opportunity to be heard, so take advantage of it and stop by!


Brooke Nelson
SA Vice President