Student Spotlight: Brooke Theilbar

   As a hardworking Northern State University junior with a lot of things on her plate, Brooke Thielbar is always smiling and always in the best mood to share with the people she meets.
   Brooke’s hometown is Hardwick, Minnesota, and she is a music education major doubling in vocal and instrumental here at Northern State University. She hopes to become a middle school band director, to write drill for high school marching band, and to compose and arrange marching band field shows.
   Brooke is involved with numerous groups here at Northern. She is a Fine Arts Senator in the NSU Student Association where she represents the School of Fine Arts for the University. She is also the vice president of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). NAfME promotes music education in schools and advertises for music educators across the area.
   Brooke is also involved with many ensembles such as concert choir, chamber singers, early music ensemble, marching band, symphonic band, orchestra, and several others. She enjoys the ensembles because she is very passionate about music and loves to share music with others.

[The professors] have helped me through all the way up to this point, and I don’t know where I would be as a musician without them.
Brooke Theilbar

   A few years back, Brooke was given the opportunity to be a music educator for a vacation bible school back in her hometown. It was only for a week, but it gave her hands on experience with elementary students. She was able to teach them actions, how to praise with music and to understand that music doesn’t always have to be vulgar as they would hear on the radio but something they can worship with.
   Brooke has had three Northern professors, Dr. Darci Bultema, Dr. Timonthy Woods, and Dr. Audrey Miller, who have been her greatest influence and have impacted her career. They have offered her different types of advice over the years and have just given her the guidance she needed.

Dr. Darci Bultema and Brooke Theilbar at the Concerto Aria competition. Photo courtesy of Brooke Theilbar.

   “I study privately with Dr. Bultema and Dr. Miller, and I’m in three vocal ensembles with Dr. Woods. All three of those professors treat me like I’m one of their own kids, and I appreciate it so much because that helps you know that Northern is a family, and being such a small campus it truly just means that the professors care about you. They have helped me through all the way up to this point, and I don’t know where I would be as a musician without them.”
   Brooke chose NSU because when she saw the Wolves marching band in her junior and senior year of high school she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Dr. Boyd Perkins came to her high school band clinic, and he saw potential in her. This led to helping her get a tour at Northern where she met the faculty. She just fell in love with Aberdeen, with the community, and with Northern.

Alysha Martinez

Featured image courtesy of Brooke Theilbar