Northern State University Career Services to Host Annual Career Fair

   Whether you’re a student who is just enrolling in their first year of college classes or preparing for graduation and a career in the “real world”, nearly all students are apprehensive of what is to come in the future.
   Oftentimes, a majority of college students are worried about their future because they may not be sure about what they want or how they may go about discovering what they want to do for the rest of their lives, or at least for quite a few years, as a person rarely stays in the same profession for their lifetime.
   Regardless, some students may know what they want to do as a career but need help achieving that goal.

The NSU Career Service Center’s goal is to help students transition to professionals.
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   Despite the varying circumstances students may be facing, the Northern State University Career Service Center is available and eagerly waiting to help students prepare for their exciting futures.
   In an effort to reach out to students, NSU Career Service and the Aberdeen Development Corporation are organizing a Career Fair that will take place on Thursday, February 9th from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. in the Student Center Centennial Rooms on campus.
   The Northern State University Career Fair is designed to promote various career services to students and to help them obtain information about postgraduate careers, professional jobs, and internships that may be available in the area, or in a relevant field/area of interest that they may wish to pursue.
   A number of businesses located throughout the Aberdeen area, and in South Dakota as a whole, will have tables at the Career Fair in an effort to promote their business and recruit interested students as well.
   All students of Northern State University can enter the Career Fair free of charge.
   Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, there are an array of opportunities available for everyone at this annual event.
   The NSU Career Service Center’s goal is to help students transition to professionals in their field, and the Career Fair will help students do just that.
   Students sometimes underestimate the power of certain employment opportunities or internships, but these opportunities are what will guide students to a strong resume and strong work skills that make them a valuable asset to employers.
   The experience and skills gained from various jobs or internships are absolutely invaluable, no matter the level or status of the position. There is something useful to be gained in all work related experiences.
   Besides gaining invaluable experience and skill sets, employment opportunities and internships also look great on resumes, whether someone is applying for a potential career or for a position in graduate school.
   According to the NSU Career Service Center website, students are encouraged to prepare resumes and dress in professional attire at the event.
   Potential employers will be at this event, so it always recommended to put your best foot forward at these events and come prepared to market yourself and your abilities.
   Free your schedule for the Career Fair, and prepare for your future following college.

Joseph Park