Northern State University Student Association Update

My fellow students,

   Two weeks ago, your Student Association representatives, Pro Tempore Brooke Thielbar and myself, attended Students for Higher Education Days (SHED) in Pierre.
   This meeting of the Student Federation and various members of Student Associations across the state allows for students to gain one collective voice and make it heard about higher education legislation. Attendees learned about relevant student issues, potential bills, and effective lobbying techniques.
   Our Finance Chair, Kamie Wagar, has been working diligently to set up the Student Budget and Appropriations Committee (SBAC) hearings, of which she is also chair. These hearings determine the amount that each organization on campus is allocated from the student activity fees. Large and small organizations on campus receive and utilize these funds: fine arts, athletics, student clubs, and even Student Association.
   As of now, the hearings will be at the end of March so as to avoid conflicts with the many activities, competitions, and conferences held during that month. As a heads up, those wishing to submit a request should provide the following information per the SA Constitution: “all income from all sources, a year-end financing report from the past fiscal year (consisting of financial transactions and the budget of the past fiscal year, a list of goals for the upcoming years, and any other information required by the SBAC.”
   Currently, we still have one seat available on Student Association for this semester— Graduate Student Senator Therefore, if you are a graduate student, and you have an interest in making a difference on campus and in the lives of your fellow students, consider applying for this position on Student Association.
   If you have questions about the position, please contact me  at for more information. To apply, simply stop by one of our meetings. They are held every Tuesday night at 9pm in the Centennial Rooms of the Student Center. Applicants will be asked to introduce themselves to the Association and answer a few questions from the senators.
   We are here to serve you, the students, and if we aren’t properly serving the students, then we are not doing our job. So come join us  for a meeting and don’t be afraid to give us your input. We are your voice in the world of higher education. Not only do your senators represent you in Student Association, but every senator also serves on a number of campus-wide committees that affect all areas of campus life.
   That being said, we would greatly appreciate your input at our meetings. Our meetings are open to the public. It’s your opportunity to be heard, so take advantage of it and stop by!


Brooke Nelson
SA Vice President