The View from Here: Meeting People at Bars

   Being in your twenties comes with the possibility of going out to bars, usually with friends. But there’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately — the way people meet each other at these bars.
   We all know the concept of going out in order to meet possible future significant others, but what about meeting friends? Most of us want romantic relationships in our lives, but for me, the concept of meeting a prospective partner in a bar has been a bit odd. I’ve always thought it seemed like most of the people one meets at a bar aren’t people you would actually see as worthy of your time and love.
   The thing is, there’s this whole cliché of a man or woman who desperately wants to find someone to love and love them back. However, dating is hard, and a lot of people don’t know how to go about it. Consequently, they try going out with friends and meeting people at bars.
   I’m not saying it isn’t possible to meet a great, genuine person in a bar. In fact, when I eventually get to my point I might just be telling you the opposite.
   The problem I have with this cliché isn’t that there isn’t a possibility of finding the type of person we’re looking for — it’s the cliché of it being the reason people go out in the first place.
   When I go out, it’s usually because I want to have a good time with a few of my friends. I don’t go out seeking a guy or a possible relationship. It’s interesting, though. I am beginning to realize how simple it is to just enjoy meeting new people when I go out.
   I recently went out with some friends, and a man randomly came and asked to sit and talk with us. We humored him and ended up chatting and having a great time with him. At first I think we were all a bit unsure about him, but that’s a natural response to a stranger asking to sit and get to know you.
   Becoming more comfortable with and more willing to be a part of these situations has been a very positive experience. I have more fun when I go out. I even enjoy the company of my “old friends” more when we accept situations like these and make the best of them.
   I guess my point is just try having fun when you go out. Not in a possibly dangerous way, but you get what I mean. You could say it kind of goes with the whole idea of “living in the moment.” We shouldn’t have to worry about finding a partner when we go out; I believe it should be about having good fun. Luckily, meeting random people can be a part of that!

Courtney Sronce